Super Mento Pad (Add A Number) – BLACK


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Comes with SATORI booklet of routines! 

Comes with value added Satori routine!  

This is Howard Schwarzman’s Super Mento Pad, (AKA Add A Number Pad) and it is without question the top selling Add A Number pad we have sold at Stevens Magic for many years? Why? The answers is simple: it is one of the most effective and affordable “Add A Number” effects on the market. What makes this pad superb is the fact that it is so innocent looking and the “gaff” is equally innocent. You can perform this effect WITH confidence!

Add A Number Pad - German

EFFECT: The mentalist shows a prediction in an envelope or on a board and sets it aside. He or she then passes out the notebook and requests that different spectators write down a three of four digit number on the page, directly under each number in a column (see photo), etc. The forth and final spectator is asked to total the columns up.  When this person announces the total of the columns, the performer then has his prediction revealed – and it matches the total called out by the final spectator! Sweet and Simple!

Imported from Germany, it features a simple yet very effective gaff that works time after time. It has a very nice feel and secure weight, what is this important? Because when you throw it out to an audience member you want to make sure it gets there – and it’s weighted just right to make it easy to do just that. Measurements are approx. 5.5-inches tall by 3.25-inches wide. Features include one FREE paper refill (after which pads are available in any office supply store). Pen is not included.

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