Super Power 4 (with DVD) -by Johnny Wong- Trick

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“Johnny Wong’s Super Power 4” is by now the most advanced and precise coin gimmick which also is capable of creating a variety of effects. You can accomplish any coin magic effect that come to your mind with this Johnny Wong’s Super Power 4! If you liked Dream Coins and Super triple Coins you will really enjoy the Super Power 4!

This gimmick will perform : Appear Vanish Move Penetration 2 Fly, 3 Fly, illusion quick move, and more……

In this DVD there are amazing procedures such as: (also teaches you about coin maintenance)

  • Unique appear 4 Coins
  • Special sight
  • Coin thru glass table
  • Coin thru glass Cup
  • Super Power 4 illusion Routine
  • A Coin skill routine
  • 1 to 4 Coins
  • Coin thru Audience’s hand twice

This also a gimmick that will certainly let everyone show their different talent and imagination of magic. 50 more magic illusions for you to find out!

Includes: 4 x US Half Dollar and Instructional DVD.

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