Super Strong Magnetic Half Dollar – 1964 – Kreis


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Possibly the finest PK Half Dollar made from a real 1964 90% Silver Kennedy Half-Dollar. Nothing has the shine and look like silver. No one can meticulously create such a powerful magnetic coin like Kreis. These are the strongest PK coin’s possible – Kreis has really pushed the limit, achieving maximum power and performance while still making sure the coins looks completely normal. This product contains ONE coin and is only sold separately.  Sure the price-point is higher but when you want the best it comes at a cost.  It’s much more complicated also from a craftsmanship standpoint working with silver coins as well.

Perfect for use in so many applications and/or also for items like Sixth Sense 3.0.

These coins are also sold in non-silver options as well, sold separately or as a set see bottom of page for availability.


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