SuperCoin (w/ DVD) US Quarter Version


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Carry this revolutionary new coin gimmick and you’ll have an entire magic show in your pocket from John Kennedy Magic! It’s Absurd… It’s Insane… It’s SUPERCOIN!
With SUPERCOIN you can pluck coins from midair, make coins vanish into thin air and have everyone gasping for air!
It’ll feel like you have superpowers as coins bend, change into other objects, visibly penetrate cups and much, much more. SUPERCOIN is different. It’s not a shell. It’s not a flipper. In fact, it’s not like anything you’ve seen before. It’s so different, it has a patent pending! Carry this revolutionary new coin gimmick and you’ll have a concealed weapon in your pocket! It also comes with a DVD that will teach you several super-stunning routines.
John Cornelius: “SUPERCOIN opens up whole new possibilities.”
Gregory Wilson: “SUPERCOIN is so versatile. I immediately put two routines into my working repertoire.”
R. Paul Wilson: “SUPERCOIN fills your pocket with magic and fills your imagination with new ideas. I love it.”

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