Sure Shot 10 Pack – Viktor Voitko


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This product is perfect for surprising the spectators by transforming small objects of your choice into confetti. Any small object can be transformed. You can also produce confetti from the empty hands. There is one option more: you can use this gimmick for the appearance of any objects. 

The “The SnowShot.10” comes with 10 units,the special holder and a small packet confetti.


1. Question: Once the gimmick is used, can I re-use it?

Answer: Yes!, You have to apply new confetti of course. but the item can be used several times, as long as it is located after you use it. It’s a small device that fits in your hand, and once used it falls to the floor. Later it can be picked up and re-used as desired. Nevertheless, it is best to have some extra gimmicks with you.

Looks simple and clever – as good props should be. – Szymon Maciak ( Poland )


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