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Note: Additional Shipping Required Post Purchase due to weight/size/location  Must View Video!

Upgraded Design – All prior models discontinued! There is a lot of positive and powerful consistent features in a PROline illusion.  One thing that I am reminded of when I first looked at Suspended was – it’s a sexy looking illusion. It just looks good.   It’s illusions adapted to the contemporary world.  The other aspects are its amazing features and benefits.  Hey – That’s not your normal assistant in that still photo!  That’s because this unit will hold up to 225 lbs.!   Does that mean it’s heavy to transport? Not at all – same approximate weight as previous models.  BONUS: PROhoop FREE with the purchase of PROline’s Suspended illusion – PROVIDED you secure your unit NOW!  Check out the line-item individual features listed below:

PROline presents “Suspended”

  • Packs small – can fit in backseat of compact car
  • The final word in PROline Suspensions – superseding and replacing ALL previous models!
  • Board can start completely separate (with red cloth draped over supports) OR balanced on supports as shown in video
  • Holds 225 lbs. without leaning or tipping
  • Total illusion weighs 50 lbs.
  • Supports are spun and then down off of platform onto floor
  • Unique hoop guide for smooth hoop passes from behind OR in front
  • Sets up in 10 minutes
  • The highest quality you would expect from PROline at an unbelievable price
  • Can be performed in a living room or on the largest of stages
  • Hoop stand attachment included – attached to most mic stands (mic stand not included)
  • In some cases Allow 3-6 weeks for fabrication

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