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SME brand custom STRIPPER Decks.  Stevens Magic built our reputation on pushing the envelope and providing professional quality products. Thus, we have hired a professional card mechanic to hand-make these Decks. These are not bulk manufactured – each deck is made by hand with meticulous attention to quality control.  What makes this deck different?  The manner-in-which it is prepared is more precise allowing for those familiar with the deck already to still be able to execute it but to even the discerning eye, the deck looks completely normal.  Without exposing the secret, I’ll use a marked deck analogy.  A really good marked deck is one that “initially” is very different to find the mark.  But for the trained eye – it screams at them.  Or we could use the phrase – Hidden-In-Plane-Sight!  That is the philosophy behind the construction of this Svengali.  It’s all about degree’s really.  This deck turns DOWN the volume, allowing it to be less suspicious.  Thus, it’s the “professional” Stripper Deck.  YES – it cost a few more bucks because it’s NOT mass manufactured but for only a little more you’re getting a much better, refined product.

Often incorrectly marketed solely to neophytes (beginners), it is a deck that even magic celebrities incorporate…

  • Easy To Do.
  • Designed for magician’s not layman.
  • No Sleight of Hand Required!
  • An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to do a multitude of miracles

Sample Effects: (The below are VERY basic – but the possibilities are truly exponential)

Imagine: immediately knowing what card a spectator selects, compelling the spectator to cut to their own selection under the fairest conditions, instantly changing the whole deck to the selected card.

Have a spectator or spectators choose several cards and place them back in the deck.  The magicians then holds the deck an is able to make each of the spectators cards rise UP from the deck one by one by holding the deck with his left hand and with this right hand thumb and forefinger start at the bottom of the deck and move towards the top and as he does, one by one, cards rise to from the deck and are confirmed to be the spectators chosen cards.

This is nothing less than a miracle in your pocket.  Easy to perform and carry and good for table hopping or any close-up event. Can you immediately repeated.

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1 review for Stripper Deck Professional – BLUE – SME Private Brand


    HOW has nobody reviewed this yet????? This is the absolute BEST stripper deck and it is in real Bicycle Riders. People – the use of a stripper is a fantastic tool. The issue in the past has been the darn things are made for kids and the difference between the regular and stripped cards are too big. This deck has fantastic tolerances. You should consider throwing out your standard cards and doing all card work with these decks. You can do everything you normally do with a regular deck with this deck, PLUS you instantly get the benefits of a stripper deck in a far less detectable way with this — and only this — version because it is so subtle. Is it harder to work with? NO! There’s no difference to working a stripper with a very small differential than a big one. You instantly get a one way deck, a way to let spectators shuffle and then find the 4 ases, a rising card deck . . . and everything you already do with your own deck. Add your favorite gaff matching cards and ring them in and out at will too. This is a very much needed and beautifully crafted deck. Best $12 you’ll spend! Highly recommend this for newbies to working pros! I sure hope this helps my brothers and sisters out there! If you are not familiar with all that can be done with a stripper deck, search Magic Cafe for Stripper Deck or check for books/videos at Stevens and Murphy’s. A big thanks to the team at Stevens for making this deck a reality and executing it so darn well!!!

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