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This Svengali is hand crafted by a professional card mechanic.

The Svengali deck is a trick deck of cards that’s over 100 years old. Burling Hull is credited with its creation. He showed it to Boston dealer WD LeRoy who marketed it in 1909. In March of the same year, the trick deck was copyrighted in Washington DC (Class A. Xxc. No.233032) with the rights going to Burling Hull. He was just fifteen when he created it.

The principle behind the cards was first recorded in the 1600s in the Asti Manuscript c.1700.

An Effect: You can have a selected card lost in the deck, a quick tap and it comes to the top. The spectator can cut the deck into several packets, select one and turn over the top card and there is their selected card again. A card is shown, then miraculously changes into the selection. You can even riffle through the cards to show them to be all different and with a magical gesture, riffle again and they all turn into the selected card.

This is a PREMIUM manufactured custom made deck that is part of our Private Brand.  We have noticed some of the techniques employed by this maker are already being copied.


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