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THE WORLD’S MOST INSANELY PRECISION SVENGALI PADS IN A WIDE RANGE OF INCREDIBLE STYLES.  Note: You get TWO Gimmicked Pads per order of this item!  One Green Cover and One Black Cover so you can easily tell which is which is your incorporating both of them for table hopping etc.

SvenPad® Bookstyle ups the ante by taking our innovative designs to the next level. These are destined to be the finest handling and best looking SvenPads® ever. Hand crafted from scratch. With zero compromises.

SvenPad Bookstyle - Sven pad

With SvenPad® Bookstyle we’ve kicked up the fit and finish to create a next generation SvenPad® that contains many small but groovy improvements inside & out.

This SvenPad® literally handles like a finely tuned instrument, and opens like a book.

August 2017: SvenPad® Bookstyle is introduced. Music for your hands.

Instantly notice that pages turn and flip more smoothly (because of our improved silver METAL WIRE binding).

Instantly notice the innocent all new cover design with 2 new colors (both black & green).

SvenPad Bookstyle - Sven pad

Instantly notice the 25% larger (4×6 inch) format; yet this baby will snugly fit in your back pocket.

Instantly notice an even larger writing area with our quality custom printed lined heavier paper (same as our KoD SvenPads®).

The original and most precision cut high-quality control tool ever constructed. See bottom of page for the incredible variety of other Svenpads, and other products that compliment them or the principle.

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