SvenPad® Picasso Tri-Section


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These will be available after July 24th!

Also Available in STANDARD Version – See Bottom Of Page for Optional Variety Standard Version (60 Pages No Sections).

For those that demand the very best! This product has been constructed from the highest quality, heavy-duty and sturdy materials. Naturally to achieve this the product costs are much higher – but if you want a prop that will last for years and become one of your signature routines – it’s an incredible value.  Any worker will understand this.

Introducing SvenPad® Picasso. For the first time ever, we have taken a genuine Canson art pad from France and remade it into an incredible new SvenPad® masterpiece for stage & cabaret performers. This is for WORKERS! Performers who demand the absolute best from their props, regards to needing a heavy-duty, sturdy product that will stand up to hundreds of performances!


This is a totally unique & brilliant design with 3 layers of deception.

SvenPad Picasso Tri-Section

The pad is TRI-SECTIONED allowing 3 separate forces or predictions. Each section may be independently flipped and shown to be different.

Use the SvenPad Picasso for an incredibly fair & visual confabulation routine, or add drawings of differing features or colors. The Picasso is a blank canvas for your ideas.

This is a very heavy duty and sturdy pad, and will be available in 2 cool styles:

This SKU is the TRI-SECTIONED version featuring three sections with 60 pages. For the Standard version see bottom of page.

This is the first time we have taken a fine off the shelf artists pad and manufactured it to our high SvenPad standards! The spine here is spira-glued the same as our tradtional KoD SvenPads. In other words the pages do not move, and the long short pages remain at their tight tolerances.

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