SVENSATION Svengali Pads by Sven Lee (SET OF 2 PADS) WireO Bound with Polydura Covers


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One of the most valuable supplies a magician or mentalist can own.  Easy to carry and always ready to serve. Check out the entire line of “Svengali” type products available at Stevens Magic.  This is a concept that some very bright minds in magic have focused on – from different sources – as well as routines from working professionals that have pushed the envelope forward implementing their preferred brand and style of this concept.  All versions of this type of product available at Stevens Magic Emporium has passed the test.

This is a sensational svengali pad set. Size of this pad is 6”x 4”. Features Wire-O-bound binding with polydura covers. This Set includes 2 pads featuring a good foot print at a good price.  For more product specifications details see below.


  • Black color
  • Classy & stylish looks
  • Tough & water proof
  • Scratch & stain resistant
  • Light, slim & flexible
  • Defends abrasion & impact
  • Smooth to touch
  • Matte finish with a non reflective sheen
  • Resistant to dents, chips & cracks
  • Fade resistant up to 5 years
  • Die cut to exact shape & size


  • Tough black wire o binding
  • Perfect gauge
  • Impact resistant
  • Holds its shape against normal wear & tear
  • Advanced wire binding process for high strength
  • Sophisticated in appearance
  • Pages can be opened a full 360 degrees
  • Pages turn easily & stay put


  • 50 plain white sheets
  • 25 alternate short/force pages
  • 25 alternate long/normal pages
  • Optimal thickness
  • Bleed resistant quality with most regular pens (test check before using)
  • Precision laser cut edges
  • Svengali cuts breakthrough at 1/46th of an inch

PACKING: Each pack of Svensation svengali pads comes out with a 2-level packing. This ensures that the pack is tamper proof and more importantly keeps the pads intact. So you get a fresh and crisp set of Svensation pads in pristine condition.

TESTING: Each Svensation svengali pad is hand tested for both making and handling before being packed.

QUALITY: Svensation svengali pads are precision manufactured with auto digital machinery using top quality materials and process as detailed above. The almost insane level of quality control allows you to concentrate fully on your presentation rather than on the props.

CONCEPT: The svengali principle is one of the oldest forcing principles in magic and mentalism. From beginners to experienced pros, almost everyone uses this principle – either in the form of svengali cards, pads, books or envelopes.

WHAT YOU GET: A set of 2 Svensation svengali pads packed in a sturdy box. There are no routines included. A cool idea to undo any errors while writing is included.

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