Swami Gimmick ZZM


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Nail Writer also known as: ZZM Swami Gimmick. ZZM own product – there are cheaper, but not better! World-renowned professionals set the ZZM swami gimmick with grüßtem success a! The Swami gimmick is a nail Schreiber. Unnoticed to make So that you are able, almost directly under the nose of her audience notes. It is important that the typeface is similar to a normal pencil, ie., that the mine is as thick as that of an ordinary pencil. Furthermore, the graphite should be easily replaceable.

Effect: Write a prediction and hold it up while the spectator names a number. The card is turned to show that number. A list of things is shown and you put a check beside one. When the spectator names her choice, you show that’s the one you checked!

Superbly constructed from a hard metal. Designed to fit snugly under the thumbnail eliminating unwanted movement. Lead is easily replaced. Reliable and comfortable.

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