SWITCH-A-LOPE (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Arnaud Van Rietschoten


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“SWITCH-A-LOPE is clever and practical; a useful addition to the arsenal of tools for mentalism.”–  Max Maven

THE Ultimate 4-way-out envelope. Imagine an ingenious envelope that will deliver the correct prediction, no matter which of 4 possible outcomes occurs! YOU ARE COVERED!

Every mentalist needs a 4-way-out envelope! There any many available, but none allow you to do the following:

    • Have the envelope signed
    • Keep the envelope in full sight during the show
    • Have the spectator take out the prediction
    • Show the envelope empty
    • Have a large folded sheet of paper in the envelope
  • No Slits, etc.
  • SWITCH-A-LOPE by Arnaud allows you to do all of the above!!

Arnaud has been using this utility device in his shows over the past year, and he now shares this unique principle with the rest of the magic world! It comes in a handy sleeve you can use to protect the special envelope during transport. There are many 4-way-out envelopes on the market. You only need one:

“Arnaud’s SWITCH-A-LOPE is super clean and a definite winner!” – Cody Fisher

“Bravo Arnaud! Our mutual friend Tommy Wonder would have been so proud on you!” – Dick Koornwinder

“It is fantastically hard to make something truly impossible happen with a straight-forward handling that has no tricky-looking stuff going on. Arnaud did it with SWITCH-A-LOPE!” – Richard Osterlind

“Honestly speaking SWITCH-A-LOPE is fantastic and extremely useful!” – Luca Volpe


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