Swords Through Half Dollar


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A box with a sliding lid is presented, the lid is removed and a half-dollar is place inside. An antique sword is place in a hole in the box through the top and slides in front of the half-dollar to hold it in place. The lid is replaced and one by one the two swords are thrust through 2 holes in the back of the box clearly penetrating the half-dollar inside.

The spectator can even push the swords through. There are absolutely no angles on this effect. Do it completely surrounded. The swords are removed one by one, the lid removed and the half-dollar dumped out unharmed. The swords used are authentic Antique Spanish Toledo Swords of Spain, now out of productions for decades. The ornate design on the swords are truly beautiful.

Please note, sword styles may vary, but all are Authentic Toledo Spain swords. Includes Sword Box, 3 Toledo Spain Swords, 1 Kennedy Half Dollars.

Review: JASON – 04/20/20: The mini swords are great and the box is made well. The effect looks amazing and absolutely impossible. The method is simple but brilliant, it didn’t even occur to me how it would work. I couldn’t help but smile when I opened the package and discovered the working. An over looked gimmick indeed. Thanks for this.

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