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Read another person’s mind – anywhere – anytime! And leave written proof of your power!

Highly recommended by Stevens Magic!  You will absolutely LOVE the effect and have complete confidence performing it.  

Picture this… show a small stack of cards each bearing a picture of an object, shape, geometrical design, etc. Photo cards are mixed and spectator selects one. You remove one of YOUR business cards and write something on the back of your card. Spectator reveals what they are thinking and turns over YOUR business card and finds it is the exact object they had selected and was concentrating on! Of course, they keep YOUR business card!

Mark Strivings

You get 32 individual design cards, which you use over and over along with 40 “Revelation Cards” similar to what is pictured in this ad that are blank on the opposite side ready for your rubber stamp and a 10 up “master copy” of the Revelation Cards, ready to take to your printer and put on the back of your next batch of business cards.

“Mark has earned his place as one of the prominent mentalist in the world.” – Joe Stevens

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