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From The Mind & Manuscripts of Daniel Garcia, this DVD contains five effects hand selected from his upcoming Daniel Garcia Projects Volume 4, 5, and 6 set. SYMPHONY contains five simple, powerful effects that are as visual as magic gets. Each is completely impromptu – no crazy gimmicks are required – and can be performed at a moment’s notice. Containing full instruction on VOID, VISA, JACOB’S LADDER, .44, and TIMELINE 2.0. Shot on location in Las Vegas, Nevada, with multiple street performances. Each effect was hand selected by Daniel for practicality, simplicity, and visual nature. SYMPHONY contains tricks involving everything from rubber bands to credit cards to bills to playing cards – over 1.5 hours of detailed instruction by the man himself.

  • VOID: For the first time, Daniel outlines the full version of VOID – one phase of which was previously published in Magic Magazine – an impromptu method for performing the classic MISLED effect by Timothy Wenk (as performed by David Copperfield). An ordinary drinking straw penetrates and melts visually through a dollar bill in a three-phase routine that will leave your audience speechless.
  • VISA: Visual. Instant. Static. Attraction. You cause the magnetic strip on two borrowed credit cards to polarize themselves, being drawn together and repelled apart as if a magnetic field was present.
  • TIMELINE 2.0: Daniel’s take on the classic Mystery Card plot. A card with an odd back is removed from your pocket as the ‘prediction’. You have the spectator sign it across the back and it is placed securely into the card box – which is then held by the spectator. You spread another deck and have a card selected. You ask the spectator if it matches the prediction in the case – but they find it has vanished. You tell them to turn over the card in their hand and it is the original signed prediction. A piece that Daniel performs on a daily basis which is super simple yet incredibly powerful.
  • .44: A visual transposition of two packets of four cards (as chosen by spectators). An effect that can be performed spur of the moment. Four Aces held by a spectator transpose with the Jacks in your hand… twice. Each move is taught in unparalleled detail.
  • JACOB’S LADDER: An effect inspired by Dan Harlan’s ‘Traveling Cash’ routine. A rubber band is stretched around the fingers of a spectator. A bill is folded over the top strand of the band. With a subtle flick it penetrates directly through, leaving it wrapped around the second strand. Another pull and it penetrates directly through. All can be examined.

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