Ta – Dah! Jumbo Rising Card! – Ton Onosaka


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A Practical Jumbo Rising Cards with a Great Surprise Finish!

Ton Onosaka had a wonderful response from the magic community with their “Easy Riser” Rising card effect and this is the jumbo version of that effect!

A spectator chooses and card from a jumbo deck. The card is returned, and the pack is place into a transparent plastic houlette. A Slender magic wand is inserted through the sides of the case. The magician holds the ends of the wand, and swings the pack back and forth, asking the participant to concentrate on the chosen card. Eerily, a card rises up out of the pack. However, to everyone’s amusement, its the wrong card. The performer explains, ” It’s my fault – I forgot to say the magic words!” he mutters a mystical phrase, and comments, “This time I’ll definitely find it.” The first card sinks down into the pack, and a new card rises up: the queen of diamonds. The magician is informed that this is also not the selected card. “Oh,” he says, “I didn’t say the queen was your card. Rather, she’s the one who’ll help me find your card.”

With this suddenly the queen spreads her arms and produces a silk handkerchief printed with the chosen card!

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