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CONSIDER THIS: Have you ever wanted to REALLY pull the table cloth from under the dishes without breaking anything? Not a clown gag or a joke, not breaking dishes for comedy—but really doing the stunt? Well, folks, here’s your chance to learn how, taught to you by someone who has performed the Table Cloth Stunt LIVE in over 1000 shows WITHOUT EVER missing or breaking a single dish. I am that person, David Ginn, and that statement is a fact. I did it, and SO CAN YOU! Join me on this live class DVD teaching an audience of magicians and clowns — and YOU — step by step HOW TO DO IT. But wait, there’s more: Included with the DVD you’ll receive the EXACT CORRECT CLOTH I employ to perform the stunt, professionally cut for you to my own specifi cations. True, in my live shows I “clown around” and play up several comedy angles before I actually do the STUNT, but in the end I really accomplish the trick. Frankly, it still amazes me! And when YOU learn that you can do this, you’ll be thrilled at the new skill you’ve added to your family and kidshows! NOW IS THE TIME to simply jump into something NEW — something you can easily learn, and with practice, be doing in your own shows within a week’s time. Hey, audiences of children and adults love the TABLE CLOTH STUNT! I’ve used it at schools, libraries, parties, and church family nights…often to close the show! Two summers ago I put my LIVE RABBIT on a plate in the middle of the table and did the stunt with the rabbit AND the dishes! Yes, it worked, and the kids loved it!

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