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For years, Losander, the creator of his signature invention, The Losander Floating Table®, has been challenged by a recurring dream. How could he bring his illusion in the confines of intimate settings and have a finale that was as awe inspiring as his stage floating table. If you would like to perform Losander’s Floating Table, but you are afraid, because it’s fragile, and you are a standup, close- up magician or simply a magician who does not want to travel with a lot of bags—Losander’s XTable is for you.

Imagine a transport case where all your close-up magic fits inside and just at the right time—if you need something bigger—it can turn into a Losander Floating Table. It floats like all the other tables. But the X-Table also comes with an impromptu version. The table does not need to be covered at the beginning at all and you can still perform the effect. Or if preferred, use the standard method which was created by Losander more than 25 years ago. With this amazing-looking briefcase illusion, you are ready to travel the world. Wherever you go, make your close-up magic larger than life and start floating the new X-Table.

Same dramatic impact! Targeted for the first time to a close-up and parlor venue. This is a detachable close-up box. After performing close-up effects, the magician picks up the box and sets it on top of the table stand. From there a few parlor effects can be performed. What follows is the grand finale—an illusion—where the entire table floats in an intimate close-up setting!

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