TableVision – Eric Samuels – Extra Non-Gimmicked Table Only


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PASSWORD PROTECTED (case sensitive)

Note: this is ONLY for a non-gimmicked, matching table for TableVision.  Price Includes shipping in the US.

Incredible Price!  Incredible Value!  Get it NOW before the price goes UP!  Now Shipping!  Our Tech1 Shawn Reida was floored at the capabilities!  For password, type the entire name in lower case! Password is “case sensitive” answer must all be in lower case.

Special Thanks to Eric for allowing Stevens Magic to be one of only two distributors to offer his product outside of himself.   In an on-going effort to provide our customer with the most up-to-date, cutting edge tools in the art of magic and mentalism we are excited to offer you – TableVision!  When I saw this application of a product (as a fan of it’s previous predecessor’s), the power of it struck me and I had to contact Eric about offering it to our customers – Joe Stevens

“TableVision is the Ferrari of the mentalism tools! Finally an innocent prop which allows you to perform miracles. The limit really is your imagination.” – Luca Volpe

While your back is turned, imagine having someone draw on just about anything, with almost any writing instrument and place it face-down on a nearby table – a table which you’ve been using throughout your show. You then duplicate their drawing with as much or little detail as you like!

TableVision - Eric Samuels

Password: Hint 1: all lower case. 
Hint 2: First name tony.
Hint 3: Wrote a mentalism book in 1968 – titled “13 ……………..”
What is his last name – last name ONLY!
Password is case sensitive: must be all lower case.

This is the proverbial tip of the iceberg of possibilities with TableVision.  TableVision allows you to perform drawing duplications, hands-off Sneak Thief effects, multiple-object routines, living or dead tests, blindfold psychometry, and we’re just getting started! You can instantly identify drawings, written names, photographs, playing cards, coins, and so much more.

How does Table Vision work? This innocent, contemporary performance table has a devastating secret! Just about anything placed on the tabletop can be instantly identified using reliable cutting-edge technology.

For More Information including incredible price – CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS AND VIDEO.    Please note, the follow page is Password Protected – Password “IS” Case sensitive. Type answer in lower case only!:  Hint: What is the last name only, of the man who wrote, what many refer to as the Bible of Mentalism?  (Type Answer all in “lower case.”)

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