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You know the books on your shelf that you never perform any of the routines . . . this is not one of those. Sean guarantees that you will want to perform these mental card presentations in his latest release, Tailored Suits.
Sean has woven classic methods, intriguing principles along with genuine psychological techniques to create cutting-edge card mentalism. Imagine being able to plant a thought in someone’s mind (without the slightest fear of failure). Learn the skill of sensing the color of playing cards with your fingertips. The secrets of photographic memory are explained. Learn to exhibit your mental skills in an uncanny Cherchez La Femme presentation, in which, you always know the position the money card (even when your participant only imagines where he places the money card in his mind). Predict seemingly random choices and learn to reveal cards that are pictured in your participant’s mind. Since you are generous, you will also help your participants to explore their own enhanced intuition with ridiculous freedom. You will lead your audience on a shared tour of imagination which provides proof that they can see into your mind.

Finally, you will learn Sean’s personal breakthrough in the Out of This World genre. In his routine, there are no leader cards or displacement moves, no switches, and the colors are immediately shown separated. The participant also “just knows” which pile contains which color. Sean bet’s you a dollar that you absolutely bewilder one and all with this routine. He promises.


Beyond Touch – A demonstration of derm-optic vision
Red-Handed – A direct psychological force of a playing card
Tandem – A structure to (fearlessly) utilize your favorite psychological force
Cherchez – A (nearly) mind’s only Monte routine
Our Mind’s Eyes – A parallel demonstration of photographic memory
Mirrored – Three Card Prediction
Darkness and Light – Two participants explore their own intuitive abilities
Fields of Vision – A progressive thought-of card routine
Avalon 2011 – An imagined card becomes a reality (Sean’s updated handling)
Brave New World – New Territory in the Out of This World genre
1st edition 2011, 110 pages.
word count: 24210 which is equivalent to 96 standard pages of text

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