Tales From The Invisible Door – Vito Gattullo


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“Tales from the Invisible Door” is an illustrated volume running at over 170 pages, It includes not only twelve of Vito Gattullo’s original and entertaining storytelling-mentalism routines, but his perspectives and approaches on frequently considered performance themes, such as act openers and closers, the use of playing cards in mentalism and the selection of the right show routines.

Unlike other magic and mentalism performer compilations, you will discover that Vito’s approach to infusing mystery into his performance is often achieved through assumptions and psychological perceptions of any scene he sets, whether cultural, historical, esoteric or folkloric and this lays the foundation for the ensuing theatre.

All routines have been extensively audience tested and include classic mentalism themes ranging from predictions to pseudo-hypnosis, mind reading, clairvoyance, selective memory suppression, synchronicity, intuition, psychometry, and a chair test. Each chapter details subtleties and reflective conclusions gathered from the experience of performance in different settings, plus credits the methods with a detailed bibliography for the reader to further explore that covered.

This is a book to be discovered and studied, and not only for mentalists, but also storytellers, bizarre magick practitioners and (real) magicians.

Foreword by Wolf Waldbauer, afterword by Cara Hamilton.

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