Tamariz Rabbits (Poker Size) Ken Brooke


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This is a fabulously entertaining routine with a cute story that is played out visually on custom made, super heavy stock plastic cards. Audiences of all ages will love it.

Effect: A white rabbit appears in a previously empty top hat. Next a fresh red apple appears and afterwards that same apple is shown, but all the fruit is gone and all that is left is the core! Who ate the apple? The next time we see the rabbit in the hat, only he is now green from eating the entire apple! A classic effect from the Ken Brooke Magic Range (exclusively available at Stevens Magic Emporium) by Juan Tamariz.

Updated: Tamariz Rabbits has been “updated” and now features several routines by: Ken Brooke, Trevor Lewis, Jack Avis and Michael Close. When you combine the commercial genius of Ken Brooke with the creative artistry of Juan Tamariz, and then include additional routines from respected other artist – you have a winner!


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