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Collectors’ Workshop (Viking Magic Company), presents one of it’s most sought-after original treasures….. The T’Ang Dynasty Tea Chest.
The T’Ang Dynasty in China (618 B.C.) ruled that land for almost three centuries.

It was a time of great prosperity and great cultural achievements. It is appropriate, therefore, that the latest development from CW carry the name, and the soul, of an era that attracted diplomats and traders, scholars and poets. This, you see, is a piece of commercial Magic that is poetry as well.

EFFECT: The performer borrows a finger ring, noting man’s continuing fascination with jewelry in general, and rings in particular. Other societies valued particular commodities, as well.

So saying, performer inserts the ring in a small paper envelope, sealing it and leaving it in full view of the spectator.

“Ancient China”, says the performer, “valued its wide and wonderful variety of teas. Today, teas, like precious metals, have continued to command reverence throughout the world.”

At this moment, the performer points to, but does not touch, a magnificent, small tea chest. Its exterior of exotic wood reflects well the hours of hand-rubbed attention paid by an artisan of the old school. Hanging from the front of the chest is a small string with a familiar tea bag tag.

“Decide for yourself which precious possession is the more compelling – tea or gold. Some believe they are interchangeable.”

With these words and a snap of the fingers, the performer opens the envelope. It contains nothing but fragrant tea leaves. Gesturing to the tea chest, the performer approaches it, hand open and obviously empty, and shakes the chest slightly. There is a tell-tale rattle. The performer opens the chest, allowing spectator to see that it is chock full of tea bags. The performer grasps the tag on the outside of the box and lifts the attached bag from the chest. Inside the tea bag that was inside the box, is the spectator’s ring!

The bag is immediately torn open and the ring – the same ring that was borrowed – is returned.

This is a fine, usable and, yes, poetic piece of Magic. It plays well for parlor and close-up. The effect comes with full routine and presentation. It is a piece you will be proud to own; performing with it says a great deal about your own demands for quality and pure entertainment.

This Tea Chest is hand-crafted of select hardwood with brass fittings. The surface is imprinted with Chinese calligraphy and the seal of the Chinese Ministry of Trade. A truly elegant presentation to a wonderful Oriental mystery. Chest measures approx. 4″ square.

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