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Stevens Magic is excited to be working with Iian Dunford! 

iian dunford mentalist

Using some simple modern technology, and my guidance – we will create unique, interesting and entirely personal tarot cards in a tactile and non-threatening way.

This is an engaging, modernistic, 21st century, social media relevent work. Create all kinds of classic gimmicked decks with this too. Give readings, perform mentalism, remote viewing, design dupes, or psychologically or psychically framed readings. This always you to build upon your current tarot work as well as start afresh.

You will also be taught how to give straight forward, engaging readings – as well as step by step instructions from start to finish. Make your tarot entirely personal, and then evolve it.

Quote from Richard Webster
“I found it fascinating, and am looking forward to creating my own Major Arcana using your ideas and methods.You’ve created a fascinating, useful text, and I hope you do really well with it. Wow – there are going to be so many unique Tarot decks from now on. Congratulations”

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