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Priced to Sell at $850.00!  As good as NEW if ever used at all! Only 1 Available!

This item comes to us from an Estate, on an individual we know very well. He has been the only owner of this unit. The unit is in as new condition as possible. It is Version 1.0. See actual photos of the unit.  Not just a routine out of Bobby Motta’s working repertoire, but his most powerful effect that has been perfected over the past several years.

Five ordinary cups are filled with different drinks. The performer can either be blind folded or in a different room…and will always know which drink has been tasted. Stop reading and think about that for a second…. Yes it’s that amazing. You are reading senses so convincingly clean that it no longer is a puzzle.. but a question of uncertainty to any skeptic. This effect will take you there!

More than just a great mind reading tool but a totally unique approach to mentalism.

Each cup is self contained and this effect can be performed on any table. The cups are custom designed by Bobby Motta and Craig Filicetti to be very deceptive, completely examinable from every angle, and they are easy to wash and maintain. Each of the five cups is based on ProMystic Multidimensional Technology, known world wide for the highest level reliability. They are 100% compatible with the ProMystic Modular Receiver.

We want to recognize Christopher Taylor for his contribution to the art of mentalism by inventing T3. We also want to thank Christopher Taylor for granting us permission to release this product that uses a similar method to his innovative product.

What you get:

  • 5 customized black steins/cups (much nicer design than the ones used in the video performance).
  • ProMystic Modular Receiver & 5 Tags
  • Industrial finger suction cup to access the secured gimmick
  • 5 professionally cut circular dry erase labels with Velcro
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Full Instructional DVD with performance rights
  • Modern Carrying Case

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