Taste it and Candy Ghost Combo


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Product Description

Two tricks for the price of one in this product combo! These two tricks work with the Candy/Mint Tic Tacs and the best part? They can be combined to give yourself a two-part routine with the SAME box of Tic Tacs.

This is how it would be performed:

You present the spectator with a box of very popular colored candies (TIC TAC®), and pour some into their hand. In a moment, you are going to offer him a unique experience.

After inviting him to close his hand over the candies, you ask him to imagine that he is eating the candies in turn or simultaneously, but be careful, only in thought! He must mentally feel the tastes, to finally leave only one in his mind. When he opens his hand, to his great surprise there is only one left, the one he hasn’t tasted yet! That’s good, you finally offer him this candy so that he can eat it, this time for real! After that you let them hold the Tic Tac Box while you have them select a card, you take the box back and then blow into the box; the condensation formed by your breath reveals the chosen card! It’s ultra-visual, stunning and very easy to do.

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