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With Taste It, offer your spectators a sensory mental experience based on taste and imagination! You present the spectator with a box of very popular colored candies (TIC TAC®), and pour some into their hand. In a moment, you are going to offer him a unique experience.

After inviting him to close his hand over the candies, you ask him to imagine that he is eating the candies in turn or simultaneously, but be careful, only in thought! He must mentally feel the tastes, to finally leave only one in his mind. When he opens his hand, to his great surprise there is only one left, the one he hasn’t tasted yet! That’s good, you finally offer him this candy so that he can eat it, this time for real!

Taste It is a versatile , flexible and easy to do routine . Thanks to the intricacies of presentation and the rigged material that does almost all the work for you, you will be able to give your audience an unforgettable moment. You can adapt the routine to have 2, 3 or even 4 colors of candy in the spectator’s hand, and you can make the ones you want disappear! The trick is so simple to perform that you can easily focus on presenting and captivating your audience!

Be careful, the gimmicks are so realistic that you would take them for real candy! Don’t worry, the routine has been designed so that the spectator can always eat the candy or candies that will remain in their hand.

You receive:

  • A special unique gimmick that makes the impossible – possible.
  • 6 disguised candies.
  • A cleverly rigged box.
  • Online explanatory video that will allow you to understand all the subtleties of the routine, as well as many bonuses.

Strong points:

  • Very easy to do.
  • Mixture of magic and sensory mentalism.
  • Ultra-realistic gimmicks.
  • Great visual.
  • Happens in the spectator’s hand.
  • Ideal for close-up, street magic / social networks.
    Thanks to Taste It, you no longer have to choose between magic and mentalism! 😉

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