Teleporter – Dave Arch


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An Extremely clever THREE CARDS ACROSS routine! Great for Close-Up as well as for Stage. The method is so ingenious; you won’t believe it! The magician invites four participants to join him on stage where he shuffle s and shows them a deck of cards. One of the spectators agrees that there are no duplicates in the pack and the pack is a full deck.

One of the audience members on stage is asked to take about half of the deck and position herself as far away from the other three as the stage will allow. She is instructed to hold her half face down between her hands – ensuring no one can get to her cards.
The remaining audience members look over the half that remains and each selects any card they wish – naming their cards out loud.. One by one each of the three audience members plays the role of the magician by causing their card to invisibly fly through the air and enter the half of the deck held on the other side of the stage.

After this byplay, the three audience members search through their half deck only to find that their selections have indeed disappeared. As the committee moves to the other side of the stage, the lady holding the cards spreads them face up in her hands. One by one, as each audience member names his card, the lady holding the pack of cards searches and finds each traveled card now in her half.

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