Tesseract Hellraiser Transposition – Illusion Arts Magic – Craig Beytien


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Warning: Stevens Magic Sales This Item At The Risk of The Buyer Only! Not liable for nightmares, bad dreams or a desire to listen to songs like: “Strap Me Down” (Leather Strip) and other Titans of Industrial Horror music.  

Either you know immediately about the origins of inspiration for this piece or you do not.  It’s the perfect illustration of polarity.  There is no in-between.  And if you are in the the “known” camp – you know hell hath no fury like the Hellraiser.  Craig has done an incredible job of taking one of the most iconic horror films featuring a character that made such a dramatic impression on movie goers for decades.   Talk about a conversation piece.  Who isn’t going to ask what the heck that is when they see this piece?  Those are usually best invites for a performance.  Instead of telling you, let me show you….

Exclusive and Limited QuantityHellraiser Tesseract Transposition. A unique transposition effect with a 3.5” Hellraiser inspired block that magically vanishes and re-appears instantly. Built by creator, Craig Beytien at Illusion Arts Magic. Comes in custom case with full performance instructions.

IMPORTANT: The video features a slightly varied design.  The photos are of the exact apparatus being offered in very limited numbers. 

Note: Please note additional shipping for insurance and signature will be required above and beyond what is required at checkout due to the fact there are only a limited number of units available.

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