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Behold the Tesseract Transposition!  This is the 3.25 inch block version. This is beautifully crafted apparatus that will make many of our customers happy!  This type of an effect, to make it magical, needs a great story line.  Adding that not only makes it magical, but memorable too!

It’s a fabulous transposition effect. You will love the workings involved with this effect! NO electronics! Lends itself to your own creative patter and presentations!

Tesseract Transposition, created by Illusion Arts Magic, this is a flash transposition that is visually stunning. The magi introduces two pedestal holders with covers and explains the story of the Tesseract cube. A source of tremendous power endowed by the norese god Odin it brings good luck to anyone who possesses it. It can move through space and time. To demonstrate, the Tesseract is placed in one of the holders and a brass rod is passed through it to lock it in place. A second brass rod is placed in the empty holder. The covers are held above the holders and when they are put in place and immediately lifted the Tesseract has vanished from the holder to appear in the other. The magic happens in an instant and the cube can be removed from its new home and shown all around.

You receive both holders with covers, the cubes, two brass wands, and full performance instructions. Unique and quality magic apparatus is hard to find!

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