That Bottle Production by Kozak

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Kozak has taken a classic effect and completely revamped it to make the presentation and handling more fluid and logical! that bottle Production by Kozak is a no-body load, anytime during your act production of a full beverage bottle!

If you were one of the lucky individuals who purchased Kozak’s Superior Salt Pour, you undoubtedly witnessed one of the finest silent acts of our age. Paul closes this act with “that bottle Production,” and it never fails to get tons of reactions!

As performed every day for nearly 25 years by Kozak, this is the ultimate in bottle productions with a lifetime-guaranteed brand new gimmick that does nearly all the work for you and is different from all others sold on the market today! At any time during his act, the magician pulls out a bundle of three silks, each of different colors. After displaying all three silks individually with a toss in the air to prove they are nothing more than silks, the magician bundles them together and produces a full-sized bottle of wine, tequila, beer, etc. laying flat on his hand! That bottle Production comes complete with specially constructed silks and instructional DVD, guiding you each and every step of the way through Paul’s extensive 25 years of study and performance of this classic effect!

“Even if you do not put this into your act, it should be in your prop case ready for that celebration you are entertaining at, ready for a memorable moment of magic!” — Kozak

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