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You MUST buy this book! It’s one of our top sellers and is loaded with material that will generate a lot of laughs!

Michael Close is an inveterate joke teller whose stories have brought gales of laughter from audiences around the world. For more than twenty years, Michael’s friends and colleagues have eagerly awaited a collection of jokes from his enormous repertoire.

That Reminds Me is that compilation – more than 250 of the best clean (and not so clean) jokes you’ve ever read. But this is much more than a joke book. Michael shares heartfelt reminiscences of the funny people who have enriched his life, stories of crazy personal experiences, and thoughts on the importance of “finding the funny” in your own life. This is the perfect book for anyone who needs a good laugh. (And, at less than ten cents a joke, it’s cheaper than therapy.)

Note: The jokes in this collection range from squeaky clean to R-rated. Words that you can’t use on network television appear occasionally. If such language offends you, please don’t purchase this book.


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