Thayer & Carl Owen – Disembodied Princess


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No. 1446 – The Disembodied Princess:

This illusion appeared in Thayer’s magical bulletin June 1948 – Vol. #13 – Number #1.  Produced from the Thayer Studio, and performed (as pictured below) by Bill Larsen Jr., of the Magic Castle fame.  This piece has history.

Thayer’s own original and improved sensation. A feature also with the Great Thurston Show, Assistant is shackled securely inside a peculiar cabinet – with separate doors for head, legs and body.

Huge metal blades are then thrust through the cabinet entirely – one at position of neck, and the other at the waist. Head and legs of assistant still remain as before, but when center doors of cabinet are opened, front and rear, assistants’ body has disappeared completely!


All doors again closed, and assistant reproduced intact. No glass or stage traps, and no dummy legs. Works anywhere – even in a parlor – if you wish…

How’s this for exotic and unique! This piece speaks to me! What a rare opportunity to even see one of these pieces, not to mention in it’s complete form.

More photos are available for those interested, features photos of all four sides- see below. The condition is “very good” and as you can see time has been soft on this piece, as the colors and painting remains exceptionally vibrant.

Seriously, this is a new one for even me… I had never seen this piece before. We do get calls from customers asking for “larger” sized stage Thayer pieces. This piece certainly qualifies.

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