Thayer Quality Magic Catalog Instruction Sheets, Volume 4 (Book)


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This is fourth of four volumes compiled by Glenn Gravatt of the Thayer Instruction Sheets. “They don’t make’em like that any more,” is an oft-heard expression. This could well apply to the magical apparatus made by F.G. Thayer in the 20s and 30s. The Thayer slogan “Quality Magic” was no idle boast. Many years ago, I acquired a complete file of Thayer Instruction Sheets designed to accompany the apparatus when sold. This just may be the only complete collection of Thayer secrets in existence. All of Thayer’s Instruction Sheets were in mimeographed form. These are reproduced in their original form along with the effect as printed in the Thayer Catalog so that the instructions themselves will be better understood. Volume 4 contains Afghan Bands; Card Magic; Card With Apparatus; Cigarette Magic; Club & Stage Magic; Dice; Divinations; Floating; Livestock; Matches; Money; Penetrations; Pocket, Parlor & Close-Up; Silks (Color Changes); Silks (Productions); Silks (Misc.); Spiritualistic Effects; Tables; Torn & Restored; Memories and Index. Book is hardbound and has 324 pages.

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