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Three books in one!  Regular Price: $302.50  SAVE $150.  Now you can get all of Alexander Nelson’s previous works, including his first book., which was sold as a limited edition soft-back and hasn’t been available for many years! This is possible because we purchased the rights for this material directly from Alexander himself.

We are equally excited to also make this combined series available at an incredible price of only $150!  In their original offering the sum total for all three books was $302.50!  That is an incredible 50% reduction for all three books! Plus all three books in “one” tome!


Get All 3 Books at an Incredible Price!

Alexander Nelson is the pseudonym of a well-established UK mentalist. In this booklet, he explains his signature method of Q&A in which nothing is written down. He also explains three different versions that he uses on repeat bookings. The rest of the book shows you how to do Journey Readings. Alexander is a gifted psychic reader, and in his readings he takes his clients on a journey that helps them resolve any problems and concerns that they may have. In addition, his readings provide his clients with peace of mind, contentment, and an awareness of their spiritual nature.

In effect, during the course of a reading, Alexander reaches into the person’s soul, and temporarily becomes that person. The words he says are apparently taken from the person’s subconscious mind, as he takes the place of the person he is reading for.

These readings are easy to present, but have a profound, long-lasting effect on his clients. Alexander knows he can’t provide readings or do Q&A for everyone, but he’s concerned that his ideas might be misused, or shared widely with people who won’t understand or appreciate them

Contained within Alexander Nelson (Below is just the names of the contents with no summaries per our agreement with Alexander).

Alexander’s Q&A Act – Alexander’s Secrets – Different Q&A for repeat bookings – Problem Solving The Alexander Way – Alexander’s Journey Readings – How To Learn Someone’s Age – I Remember You From Last Time – Mnemonics – Working For Wealthy Clients –

Contained within Intimate Secrets

What You Must Accept And Do To Be A Great Reader:  speaks for itself…

Feeling Energy: A technique that allows you to build up your psychic energy and give better readings.

Entering The Body:  This a presentation that will amaze them. The psychic presentation gives them so much to think about and they may actually feel as if you entered their body – enabling you to give a very specific reading as a result. Leave them with a very eerie sensation.

Zodiac Reading: The easiest method ever created, so easy a five year old can do it!

Three Crystal Readings: They are always ready to go in your pocket – this one that is very unique and to our knowledge has never been executed.

Special Q & A: Exceptionally powerful yet so easy to do it will give yo a reputation that is fit for king!

The Pendulum Choosing For Readings – to my knowledge, there is on one else that does this in the world!

Imaginative Mind Reading: Where nothing is needed everything is in their imagination as you do the reading – possibly the most incredible reading devised in history.

The Amusement Park Journey:  Which takes the person on a journey via a very personal reading.

Journey to Atlantis: This is a journey where you actually take the person to Atlantis where he gets a reading of a light time.

The Imaginary Pendulum: This is as impromptu as it can get – nothing is needed (except you and your client(s), as it all plays “in their minds!”

Stairway To Heaven: Where two hands reach out from the clouds and give your client the blessing of a lifetime!  As a gift, you can teach the client where he can do it himself anywhere and anytime!

Bonus Extra: Alexander’s Past Life Regression!

Additional contents: The Alexander Sensing Q&A – nothing needed and so strong! Anywhere anytime. And also the greatest tips for being a master reader, and techniques if you want to do it for real or for fun (both of which will help build your intuition).

Contained within Believe:

Spirit Guide Portrait – SGP – Connect with your sitter, by delivering a portrait of “his or hers” spirit guide!

Ghost Behind You – An experiment that will leave your audience with chills running up their spine. Partisans will literally feel the presence of a ghost behind them.  And one person will gain insight from that ghost.

Q & A In the Dark – Alexander’s Signature piece no one in the world does this one and it all takes place in the dark. Exceptionally powerful.

When Will You Die? – This is twisted but one they will never forget as all tension builds. Don’t let the serious title scare you away, because in the end it’s all good. But what a great premise to catch their attention. They will get scared from the get go, but the result could be interpreted in either a very positive manner, or for the true deep thinker – a total revelation that they never would of expected!

Project A Tarot Card – This is a “feel good” experiment, as the volunteer demonstrates her psychic potential and also in given a positive reading – at the same time!

Easy Past Life – This is one of Alexanders most talked about presentations.  He performs it frequently for up to 15 people at ladies groups and psychic parties.

EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomena – This is Alexander’s take of  “white noise”  also known as EVP.

Today is Your Lucky Day  One of Alexander’s favorite quick effects, afterwards the spectator will keep his business card and show it to others. 

Easiest, Boldest and Strongest Q & A – Alexander laughingly calls this “The Atlantian Q & A,” you will see why when you read the book. Until now, Alexander has only shared this with a small circle of friends.

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