The Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi – Schostag Estate


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“My friend, Shigeo Takagi, is an excellent performer who shows a keen knowledge of magic with all its subtleties. His work is direct and to the point, with no superfluous moves. Even if you are acquainted with the various techniques, he will still deceive you. I greatly admire this Japanese wonder worker.”
– Dai Vernon, Hollywood, California – February, 1990


Foreword By Max Maven
Devilishly Direct
Takagi’s Coins Across
Wild Time
The Wild Blanks
The Solid Cup
The Ghostly Silk
Who Cuts First?
The Leaping Silk
Total Triumph
Rising Triumph
Color-Shift Triumph
The Oriental Coins
The Double Thought
Rope, Knots, and A Wand
Double Cut and Restored Rope
Monte With Four
Do As I Do Rope Routine
Chinese Rubber Band Mystery
A Beautiful Thumb Tie
Owan To Tama (Japanese Cups And Balls)
New Era Linking Rings
Pages 120 – Hardbound and Illustrated.

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