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If You Like Hidden Treasure From The Past!

As you can imagine when you have been in business for 50 years a lot of things get tucked away.  Now, I’m NOT referring to tucked away as was the case with Magic Inc. when Jay Marshall gave me and dad a tour and next to how to bake the best muffins from Readers Digest was a signed “Candle In The Dark.”  No, that was a once in a lifetime experience for me I’m sure.  However, there is still some good “Stuffs” tucked away and we think this is one of them.  Many of you will immediately recognize the method but REMEMBER – don’t fall into the curse of thinking “JUST BECAUSE YOU KNOW HOW IT’S DOWN IT’S NOT A WINNER!”  That is the to me the the worst hex a magician can have.  I have seen this disproven so many times I can’t even count it. Thus going through one of Joe’s shelves these were hidden for over 40+ years! Jiro inspected then and dressed them up so they are as good as they were when first introduced!

Effect: Four coins(Pesos) are placed into a metal coin box. This is then set on a handkerchief on the table. The coin box containing the coins is covered with a cup. A second cup is placed open end down on the handkerchief near the first cup. A magical gesture is made and the spectators are asked to point to the first cup and it is lifted to show the coins in the coin box. The coin box is then placed under the second cup and another magical gesture is made. This time the spectators will point to the second cup when asked to point to the coins. The second cup is lifted and only the coin box is seen: The coins have vanished! The coins are made to reappear underneath the first cup.


  • Easy to perform!
  • Written Instructions in English and Spanish!  But trust us all you have to do is watch the demo video to get it!
  • Instant Reset!

Comes with:

  • Custom Milled Gimmick featuring one of the most “in your face” psychological gimmicks in magic that I love – crafted from aluminum.
  • Four Mexican Peso Coins
  • A white handkerchief so you can always have a place to perform this effect without fear of scratching the counter – (cough-cough).
  • Paper Instructions – in English and Spanish – Hey this is an effect from the early 80’s c’mon. 🙂

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