The Aqua Vase (Small)


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The Aqua Vase is a beautiful Lota Vase. We love the look of it…  The brushed aluminum gives it such an enriched look.

Stands almost 5-inches tall and holds about 7 ounces of liquid! Hand spun! Lightweight! The Aqua Vase still stands as a classic in our magic world. Still a mystery and still accepted and excellent for all types of audiences. Where does all the water come from and where does it go? A professional piece of apparatus that will last you for years. Comes complete with the carrying bag.

Note from Joe: “I performed this one night for the guys at supper and everyone ordered a beer and I just brought out the Aqua Vase and said, ‘I don’t need to order a beer as I have plenty that I brought with me.’ For the next hour I continued to refill my glass in front of the guys to their amazement! It was fun!”


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