The Art of Illusion by Will Ayling – Book


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Hardback. Good Condition.

Known as one of the greatest magic books of all time to the older magicians around. Such an incredible treasure trove of illusions that have been used to awe audiences for decades!

The Art of Illusion contains over fifty illustrations across nearly 200 pages and features information that applies to any modern audience. Some of the contents include ‘The Small House’, ‘Invisible Flight’, ‘Bullet Catching’, ‘Glass Trunk’, ‘Buzz Saw’, ‘Volunteers Sawing’, ‘Kellar Levitation’, ‘Duck Production’, ‘Chair Suspension’, ‘Broomstick Levitation’, ‘Backstage’, ‘Magicians Rehearsal’ and many more.

In the era of DVDs and downloads, books like this will soon become a goldmine of methods and thinking from minds that predate the digital revolution. One of the founding members of the Portsmouth and District Magic Circle, Will Ayling also authored many other books and became renowned for his creativity in the world of magic. With this book you can get a glimpse into that mind and learn from one of the greatest.

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