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Bonus: Purchase any of the below and get a $40 (47 page) PDF download FREE – titled – The 3 Shell Game – Rosoce & Red Rose!  You can access this download by checking your e-mail confirmation of your order post-purchase.

Just when you thought it was safe to play the 3 Shell Game Again – The Beast Arrives! Split whole and complete by lightning from the heart of a Louisiana Shagbark Hickory tree. Soaked in buzzard’s blood and blasted with the ashes from a hanged man’s pyre. Clutching them in your trembling fists, you waited in a cemetery at a crossroads. HE appeared at midnight in a thunderstorm. HE squeezed your fist until it bled one fiery drop, which HE transformed into an Evil Eye. To learn this game, you sold your soul to . . . , well you know. This innovative design enables a brand new acquitment: ROCK’N’ROLL with THE BEAST! Instructions included.

ROSCOE and RoseRed bring you a dramatic new Sure-grip Skull – straight from the pits of, well. Inferno-red synthetic resin, the same stuff they use to cast bowling balls, for a tough, durable lifetime of use and lightning-quick action. Dance with the Devil and his Evil Eye!

If there is one thing that the Notorious Roscoe knows and knows well -it’s the three shell game. When he brought these new Skeleton Shell’s (Roscoe’s Sure Grip Skull Shells) to our office we were very excited and impressed. Exclusively available at Stevens Magic Emporium. Something fresh – from the grave.

  • Goth
  • Halloween
  • Monsters
  • Pirates
  • Renaissance Festivals
  • Steampunk
  • Vampires
  • Wizards
  • Zombies!

Macabre drama and humor with sports-car handling. Chanin dip, notch, nose ramp, and the skulls’ naturally ovoid, Sure-grip geometry, combine with two white School for Scoundrels Perfect Peas for your best-ever shell game – with SKULLS!

High-density synthetic resin for a great, hefty feel and a durable lifetime of use. Wooden coffin, plush drawstring carry bag, and video instructions for your first routine included. Unbelievably high, made-in-the-USA quality for these low prices.

See Bottom of page for other ROSCOE Shell options – as many customers are buying one of each! 

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