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Stevens Magic Emporium is honored to work with internationally respected author and activist – Dr. Todd Landman

Dr. Todd Landman is an Associate Member of the Magic Circle (with Silver Star), Founder of Psycrets: The British Society of Mystery Entertainers and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. These are just his accolades in the art of magic. Outside it, he is equally respected as a leader in the field of Political Science, and an advocate of Human Rights. Dr Landman consults on many of these issues – Stevens Magic Emporium is proud he is sharing his knowledge with our esteemed clientele.

The Bequeathment is an emotionally deep multi-phased routine for advanced mystery entertainers. It combines object-based readings, direct mind reading and an uncanny demonstration of historical precognition. Phase one: is an object-based reading with five family heirlooms.

The reading begins with one participant and can extend to others in the audience. Phase two: is a demonstration of direct mind reading as each participant’s choice of an heirloom is revealed to them and connected to them in a special way. Phase three is a remarkable prediction from the past that would haunt the most hardened sceptics.

The book discusses the patter and presentation, supplies and sourcing, alternative methods, and object-based readings. Perfect for parlour, small theatres, and private parties.

What can I say about Dr. Todd Landman – simple – he’s at the top of the food chain… You’re in company with him Mark. – Bill Montana

I was so excited when Dr. Todd confirmed he would provide a contribution for Scryer’s Band Of Readers for many reasons, first for the contribution of course, but secondly I knew — if he wasn’t in the book – – something big would be missing from it. This man has traversed the globe many times over – anyone that has that opportunity gains a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight. The fact that he shares it – is of immense value to anyone smart enough to absorb it. –  Neal Scryer

‘Landman is an example of how the performance of “magic” has been transformed in the last decade…far removed from circus-style trickery of sawing women in half.’
Laura Marsh, Prospect Magazine, May 2012, p. 79.

‘To call him a conjuror is to liken President Obama to a parish Councillor ……’ ‘ A marriage of top end conjuring and stock-room science with psychology and philosophy as bridesmaids and comedy as its pageboy.’
Martin Newell, East Anglia Daily Times

‘…the future of magic…’
Neil Darcy-Jones, Essex County Standard

‘Professor Landman is a unique magician who held our audience in the palm of his hand as he read minds and introduced Eastern esoteric arts none of us could fathom. The high point of our major fund raising event, his set immediately became legendary. Not so much ‘sleight of hand’ as ‘sleight of mind’. A deeply mystifying and cerebral experience. Todd redefines the meaning of magic.’
Charles Malcolm-Brown, The Mountain Trust

‘Todd is unlike any other performer on this planet. He is a sophisticated deceiver and at the same time a charming and delightful entertainer.’
Barrie Richardson, Celebrated mentalist and author of Theatre of the Mind

‘Smart’ ‘Crafted’ ‘Gentle’ ‘…baffled, educated and entertained, all at the same time…’
Audience feedback from the show at The Milton Theatre, Huddersfield


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