The Best of Slydini… and more Vol 1-2 – Schostag Estate


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First Edition As Published By Louis Tannen, Inc. Slydini is known throughout the world as a master of misdirection, master magician, performer, author, teacher, intimate friend to thousands of magicians in all countries. Now his lifetime of work is immortalized in a great tome for all time. Fourteen chapters of the greatest creations of Slydini’s magic gather his masterpieces of coins, cards, cigarettes, sponges and all other small equipment. There are new moves and routines plus a bonus chapter of new classics which have never before been in print, including the Gypsy Thread Trick, Production of a Glass of Liquid, the Incredible Slydini Switch. This last is a card switch that has baffled the experts, and by itself is worth the entire price of this book. All of Slydini’s first fine book, Magic of Slydini, and all of Slydini Encores have been absorbed into this monumental volume, but rewritten by Karl Fulves in a staggering 150,000 words and 1,000 photographs from Arthur Manfredi’s cameras. There are two beautiful volumes, one with the text, the other with the photos. Side by side, you have an excellent learning method for studying this material. Cloth bound with gold trim and padded covers.

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