The Black Bin – Eric Samuels


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The problem with many of the commercially available switching devices, is that they don’t look like anything of the natural world. As a result, members of your audience may deduce that the prop hides some kind of secret!  The Black Bin can eliminate any such perceptions, because it’s about as common and innocent looking as it gets!

With a simple, hidden, internal move, the entire accessible area of The Black Bin, will switch from audience-written billets, to your force billets, offering countless opportunities to force just about any kind of information. And, for its small size (only 11” tall, – 28cm) weighing slightly more than 1lb or .45 kilograms), it can handle a handful up to an auditorium full, of billets, tickets, chips, balls, photographs, or just about anything you might want to force!

The Black Bin is easy to use, portable, logical & foolproof! The Black Bin is now in stock and ready to ship!  Important Note: Additional Shipping May Be Required!  This item is NOT ELIGIBLE towards or cannot be used in conjunction with achieving a minimum dollar purchase to qualify for any coupon or special. 

The bottom is 7.5,” the top is 9.5” (width) and the total length is 11” tall

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