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Breaking News from Stevens Magic Emporium:  This just in from Jim KleefeldMark, I’m not sure if I ever told you, but The Book Test Book is also a book test. There are actually 4 book test principles built into the text. See the instructions on the last page of the book.

Undeniably Kleefeld – Absolutely his signature contribution to the art of Magic. This book should be required text for any mentalist. I’ve never seen a book like this in my 80 years in Magic!  An incredible value for one’s life’s work. – Joe Stevens 

Finally a complete history and encyclopedic reference book on book tests, all explained, described, and routined. Hundreds of book tests for mentalists and magicians are categorized by method and sorted chronologically. Examining the premise from 1584 to 2020, The Book Test Book explores hundreds of variations on the use of books to read minds. This 320-page hardcover lists over 500 book tests as detailed in books and magazines and describes over 400 commercial book tests published and sold from the 1930s up to the present. The book includes 130 original color illustrations and over 1200 color photographs so you can clearly see the covers of book tests cited. The information is carefully cross-referenced with a full bibliography and three separate full indices and is full color throughout.

The Book Test Book is a concise reference guide to book test for magicians and mentalists as well as a history of the use of books for mentalism, mind reading, and magic from its earliest years up to the present.  Thirteen categories of various methods are featured within.  Almost 40 forcing books depicted. Over 500 book test creations explained. Over 400 commercial book test described. Over 500 creators credited.

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