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Antonio Romero once again proves he is one of magic most creative forces with the latest arsenal – The Romero Box. From the guy that provided one of the top selling DVD’s of all time at Stevens’ Magic (his Transparent Cups DVD), he now offers an exceptionally innovative utility device that is stealth and limited truly to one’s imagination.

Its clean and simple workings will open the doors to hundreds of effects. You will discover new and powerful solutions – even for the effects already in your repertoire. The Romero Box brings a new dimension to your magic. This is an essential tool that will captivate you from the very start. It will continue to do so as it also serves as a springboard for new applications as well. Extremely useful for card magic, mentalism, and of course, close-up magic.

The Romero Box allows you to perform powerful, in your face effects in a direct manner, including but not limited to having the restoration of a torn card which takes place inside the box. Even better the gimmick is completely innocent and void of scrutiny or suspicion. The box appears to be out of play thus allowing and empowering you to get rid of the gimmick after its use (and thus allowing you to easily switch the gimmicked cards for regular ones).

Check out some of the amazing effects that are possible using this custom made prop by viewing the video demonstration.

 Product Specs: 

  • The case has been specially designed for maximum durability.
  • Gimmick is easy to handle.
  • Hundreds of possible effects.
  • May be used with coins, banknotes, business cards, and other objects


“Very exciting evolution with plenty of performance opportunity …  Well done Antonio!”  Cesar – (Cesaral Magic). 

“I remember watching Antonio perform in Vegas many years ago, when he was there with our good friend Rafael Benatar… He amazed me then, and continues to do so with his new “Romero Box.” – Joe Stevens

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