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Once again Stevens Magic Emporium is pleased to be the exclusive “distributor” other then Bill Montana himself, to offer this truly amazing book second book in The Dream Crafting series. The first book The Bridge, is still available at Stevens Magic.    This book also features insights by Timon Krause – 2014 Dutch Mentalism National Champion!

I just read The Bridge 2.0 – it’s amazing…. In the right hands this possibly this could be the most powerful piece in your arsenal.   Not recommended for beginners, this is advanced material for the real worker.  The amount of research that went into this project is extensive and its beautifully laid out for you – from Bill Montana!   Neal Scryer.

When it comes to dream crafting only one name comes to mind – Bill Montana. Many of you have heard me say that performing Bill Montana’s The Bridge, was and remains the most powerful thing I have ever performed in my life. That statement is still true…. Granted, it’s not your standard magic effect, but nothing will stick longer in a spectators’ mind then the successful application of this effect.

Important Notes:  This book is not for everyone – it it intended only for the serious performer. But when applied – the results are incredible.  You MUST already own The Bridge – to benefit from the additional information found in The Bridge Two.  For Information about The Bridge – Click HERE

Bill Montana’s The Bridge II is in part a collection of ideas. What sort of ideas? Ideas about how objects can be used to craft any style of dream. However you will need to own The Bridge to use the information contained in this work.

The Bridge 2- Dream Crafting goes way beyond what was shared in the original work The Bridge. In this work you will learn more of the foundations that will allow you as a performer to craft dreams of your own creation.

This updated volume contains hundreds of different ways to create and craft dreams of all kinds. Best of all, this is explained using stones and minerals used most frequently in the metaphysical new age movement. This was done so that you take everyday objects and transform them into something that will be used to craft a dream that appears in the persons dream, later that night while they are asleep.

While this work is explained using the terminology that often appears in metaphysics please note that was the easiest way for me to explain these very complex, yet extraordinary simple concepts to you as a user of this work.

Please note that this special work is not for everyone some of you who may love The Bridge may find this work very thought provoking and highly useful. If your looking to explore more ideas of what can really be done within the context of dream crafting then you will want to grab a copy of The Bridge 2.

Bonus: Additional powerful insights by Timon Krause, are also included within.



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