The CASH 2022 by Tenyo Magic – Free with Min. $50 Order


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FREE with any order $50 or more! NOT valid with ANY OTHER SME Promotion(s) and/or coupons. The $50+ total MUST come from regularly priced products. Only ONE FREE unit per customer.  You MUST add the item to your cart – it is NOT given automatically with any order over the required dollar amount. Other limitations may apply

The Cash Envelope of your dreams!

With this amazing envelope, making money instantly appear will be a snap! Based on a principle created by Tran Dang Ninh, Tenyo has further developed this prop so it’s easy to prepare, and even easier to perform. The envelope is built with a durable resin-based material. Pop it into your pocket or bag and you will be ready to amaze people at any time.

1. Display an empty envelope with a window cut-out.
2. Snap your fingers, and the envelope instantly becomes filled with cash!
3. The five bills are, of course, real money.

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