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In The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley, the magic of this extraordinary inventor is brought together for the first time. Gathered here are his published tricks and an equal number of previously unpublished items. Much of this material has been guarded jealously by the privileged of magic, and some of it has been kept a secret from everyone. All of it is innovative, astonishing and marvelously entertaining.

This first volume of a two-volume set contains over 110 original Elmsley tricks and sleights, plus a ground-breaking essay by Mr. Elmsley on presentation, psychology and misdirection. Within the pages of this big book lie some of the most exquisite and mind-boggling magic ever conceived, all thoroughly explained in 424 pages and 314 clear illustrations.

Written by Stephen Minch and illustrated by Amado Narvaez.


i A Note From The Publisher
iii Introduction

11 Chapter One: Alex Elmsley on the Theory and Practice of Magic
11 The Automatic Producer
15 On Misdirection

21 Chapter Two: Spirited Counts and Revenant Tricks
21 The Four-card Trick
30 Flight to Witch Mountain
34 Shale Fellow Well Met
41 A Rebours
46 Elmsley’s Ghost
49 Hoftwister
54 Mini-Milton
59 Mixed Marriages
61 Serendipity
65 One Poor Lion
69 The Great Pretender
77 Twister’s Flush
81 Thoughts in Transit

91 Chapter Three: Sundry Sleights
91 Break Time
96 Fan Shuffle Strategies
99 The Hook-strip Shift
103 Top and Bottom Card Interchanges
104 The Tabled Cover Reverse
107 The Tabled Top Change
109 Two Novel Slipcuts
112 The Tipsy Turnover Pass
114 A Polished Push-off
116 A Biddle Displacement
119 The Thumb Palm Addition
121 A Card Fan Production
124 New Techniques for the Rear Palm
137 Variations on Erdnase’s First Transformation
143 Two Pocket Deck Switches

149 Chapter Four: Minus Fifty-two
149 Puncture!
154 The Nodding Skull
157 The Visual Torn and Restored Newspaper
166 Ring and Paper Clip
169 The Twister: A Puzzle
172 Two Thimble Changes
175 The Elmsley Color-changing Knife Routine
181 The Perpetual Cigarette
185 A Cigarette Vanish
187 A Production of Cigarettes in Holders
192 Magnetic Monte
195 Ring on Silk
200 Physical Medium
203 Sleeve Loading for the Cups and Balls
205 The Elmsley Cups and Balls Routine

213 Chapter Five: Twisted Classics
213 1002nd Aces
217 The Atomic Aces
229 Repulsive Aces
234 Double Finders
236 Apprentice Aces
238 Pick of the Litter
242 The Four Blanks
247 Five-card Sam
253 Bare-aced Hofzinser
256 A Minor Triumph
259 All Backs with Aces
267 A Triple Reverse
269 Infinity: Round Trip
271 Chosen Cards Across
274 Invisible Card in Cigarette
280 New Pieces to an Old Puzzle
284 Liar’s Club
288 One at a Time Collectors
291 Snap Swap
293 Double Swap
296 Ambitious to the End
299 Ambitious Stranger

309 Chapter Six: Down and Dirty Deals
309 7-16
311 A Double Prediction
314 Melbourne
317 Australian Self-help
319 Chance and Choice

325 Chapter Seven: Welcome Correspondences
325 Returned to the Nest
328 Arith-mate-ic
331 Pother
333 Brownwaves I
337 Shadowed
340 Buried Treasure I
343 The Memphis Matchmaker
345 The Right Place the Right Time
347 The Book of Fortunes

355 Chapter Eight: Where It’s At
355 Buried Treasure II
358 Hair Cut
361 Calcolate X 2
363 Cross-25
366 Weight
368 Choosey
370 Rough Tracker
371 Card Hopper
374 Penny Plain
376 The Clock Runs Down
378 Mathematics and Mentalism

383 Chapter Nine: No Gamble
383 Misogynist’s Monte
388 The Bridge Builder
391 Just Lucky
395 Aces Up
397 Pierce Arrow
399 Four Flusher
401 A Strange Story

Publisher: L&L Publishing
Pages: 404
Location: Tahoma, CA, USA
Dimensions: 7″x10″
Date: 1991
Binding: hardbound

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