The Complete Cups and Balls – Michael Ammar – Signed to Marcello Contento


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Signed by Michael Ammar to Marcello Contento – Condition Excellent – Preserved in New Condition. 

If you due your research you will likely see this very book being offered by some for just less than $550.00 on the high end to $350 or so on the low end for unsigned versions. While there are other copies being offered, taking into consideration the aggregate, it believe you have discovered the BEST place to secure to your earnings book has enhanced collectors appeal beyond the fact out of press and its perfect condition. It’s only owner previous to our offering it was Marcelo Contento.  Making it all the more special isn’t just the fact that it was signed by Michael Ammar, but also that it was signed to Marcello Contento.  For many of you in the art you know the Contento name.  They were high end fabricators of many effects the most notable being the card fountain.  To this day we still get occasional inquires from clients asking if we have a Contento card fountain.

The Cups and Balls is universally acclaimed as the effect which every magician should study. There has never been a more complete or more effective way to discover the fascinating secrets of this enduring classic.

Over 750 photographs, 184 pages text highlighted in color to show you exactly what the key points are. Special attention is placed on those four highly transferable skills which grow stronger as you study the Cups & Balls; Acting, Timing, Routining, and Misdirection. You’ll discover classic wand moves every sleight of hand performer should know, opening positions and sequences, body sequences, secret loading sequences, as well as final rhythms that create the powerful misdirection to cover your final loads. Hardbound, full-color dust jacket.

Note: This book has been shrink wrapped to protect the integrity of the product during transport.  All photos are of the actual article being offered.

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